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Dec27-Dec31, 2006.
Week 9, Happy New Year, Thx Dar

  yup.....but Slash is still searching for a game he is good at.
Posted by Scoobs on 12.30.06 at 09.05.est

are we gonna get a full crew tonight???
we can play a little cod2 or 3 if we get more than 8.
did u guys play some cod on thursday?

Posted by Thundar on 12.30.06 at 12.50.est

testing Yargo account

Posted by Yargo on 12.30.06 at 11.24.est

Good Gaming Lastnight Boys!!!!! My game will be up to speed shortly...Actually probably not much different than last night :)...I see Yargo has not lost a step :)
Posted by Slash on 12.29.06 at 12.39.est

did someone figure out how to get a virus there??
it is coming i can smell it and when it does all our HD\'s will be vunerable...

PS i might not make it tonight, i have been at work since 5am, off till 1pm and back in til 5pm+. and i got up at 3:30 (boohoo) and might not be able to put up a good fight come 9pm. 8~)
Posted by Thundar on 12.28.06 at 12.19.est

Xbox Live servers are currently down....Causing problems with Gears of War loading saved games or starting a match. Just a FYI
Posted by Scoobs on 12.28.06 at 12.08.est

Nice job Thundar, My kids loved the xmas animation. I personally liked the elves the best.

Merry christmas and happy new year to you and your family.
Posted by Scoobs on 12.27.06 at 04.38.est

Xmas Flash:

Last week of 2006, let the year end with a bang!
Posted by Thundar on 12.26.06 at 07.08.est