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Nov27-Dec2, 2006.
Week 5, a game and hardware review from Morik, Thx Dar

  thanks for the reviews Morik! i noticed that the new head set did not help your play any...
Posted by Thundar on 12.01.06 at 08.03.est

Had a great time lastnight guys!!!! Especially taunting my buddy Thundar hehehe....
Posted by Slash on 12.01.06 at 05.30.est

That was a highlight for me :)
Posted by Scoobs on 12.01.06 at 01.45.est

Great games last night. I think i will need a little more practice at Gears. my worst moment was probably Scoobs favorite... when he stuck a gernade on me! I did try and roll up to him to get him too but alas i blew up in a million pieces first.
Posted by Thundar on 12.01.06 at 10.10.est

may i ask the order of which the games will be played?
Posted by Yargo on 11.30.06 at 10.00.est

gonna be a rumble tonight...
Posted by Thundar on 11.30.06 at 10.23.est

Hey Guys, I though I would post a couple of reviews on some new Xbox 360 Items first the Cordless Headset and then Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Cordless Headset - If anyone is having issues with their headsets I recommend the cordless I used it last Saturday and everyone was clear as a bell no cutting in or out. It has approx 8 hours of battery life and it has a rechargeable battery built in so all you need to do is plug it in, unfortunately you can not use it when it is recharging but it only takes 4 hours to fully charge.

Marvell Ultimate Alliance - It is definitely a fun game to play if you like the hack and smash dungeon crawl type of games very similar to Dungeon and Dragons Heroes. The same guys who did X-Men Legends released MUA. There is nothing better than putting together your own team of superheroes and there are around 16 to choose from and more that can be unlocked through out the game. MUA also has co-op mode over Xbox live so I hope someone else picks it so I have some one to crush the evildoers with :)

Posted by Morik on 11.29.06 at 12.34.est

Redmond (WA) - Microsoft\'s highly anticipated game for the Xbox 360, Gears of War, has reached the milestone of one million copies sold, giving it the distinction of being the fastest-selling Xbox 360 game since the console\'s debut last year.

Gears of War is a large part of Microsoft\'s strategy to capture some attention away from the Wii and PS3, and to rejuvenate interest in the consoles, as the Xbox 360 enters its second holiday shopping season. The Xbox Live-enabled title went on sale on November 7, and it becomes the first Xbox 360 game to sell over a million copies in less than three weeks.

By comparison, Microsoft\'s biggest rainmaker, Halo 2, for the original Xbox, sold 2.5 million copies in its first day on store shelves. The Wii and PS3, both of which were released less than two weeks ago, have yet to move more than a million copies of a single title, though Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii has been selling out in stores across the country.

Gears of War, which also currently holds the record for the most pre-orders sold for an Xbox 360 title, sold for $60, the most expensive first-party title for the console. All of Microsoft\'s other in-house published titles have had a price point of $50 or less.
Posted by Thundar on 11.27.06 at 02.19.est

No real update, I have changes coming but not completed yet. Changing things over to csv files (for prep towards mysql) and increasing the user/session functionality, that should be pretty cool if i can find the time to finish it off.
Posted by Thundar on 11.26.06 at 05.17.est