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Nov5-Nov11, 2006.
Week 2, lots of posts and one huge email paste review of cod3, Thx Dar

  Which is better? i have cod3 for tonight, but have not checked out gears yet.
Posted by Thundar on 11.11.06 at 2:43

Wow was Gears of war fun lastnight!!!! Graphics are very well done...What a week, two great games all at once :)
Posted by slash on 11.11.06 at 2:07

well, cut back all the time except for thurs and sat ... problem solved!
Posted by Thundar on 11.11.06 at 0:04

no but parents are cuttin me back
Posted by Yargo on 11.10.06 at 5:48

did u sell your box?
Posted by Thundar on 11.10.06 at 5:29

Hey guys i was talking to my parents :( and they are pretty mad at me for playing to much so that means no more Thurs and Sat, Thanks for all the games from Halo2 To COD3 it was a blast!
Posted by Yargo on 11.10.06 at 4:20

I could be on tonight again after 9ish....I feel the need for some gears maybe...havent tried that yet
Posted by slash on 11.10.06 at 2:31

We on for a Saturday frag fest???
Posted by Thundar on 11.10.06 at 2:04

Oh that is not such a concern for me, this all really started from me looking at a blog site i had programmed a fdew years ago and discovering that it would work good fro a chat
Posted by Thundar on 11.10.06 at 1:39

could be could be...when i email them again i wont add your address(Sorry about that). I know your trying to get away from personal emails at work
Posted by slash on 11.10.06 at 0:52

I told the newer guys about the site, but they must be shy 8~)
Posted by Thundar on 11.10.06 at 0:42

I had a blast...i think we just need to figure out the lobby settings a little bit.
Posted by slash on 11.10.06 at 0:25

yup ... on my way home ... or maybe i will grab gears today as i have cod3 rented for this weekend. what is the concensus on gears?
Posted by Thundar on 11.10.06 at -2:56

It was great fun are you going to buy COD3 Thundar?
Posted by Morik on 11.10.06 at 9:06

Great gaming last night folks!!!
Posted by Thundar on 11.10.06 at 7:28

t - 2h, 30 min til the blood flows!!
Posted by Thundar on 11.09.06 at 5:30

and yes i will take a look at the strings this weekend and try to make sure this is secure from malicious java and not have the
show up. that was the only html in slashs monster post. i might have to write my own function that removes everything except

Posted by Dar on 11.09.06 at 4:10

it patches first time it connects to live ... the day of release!

Posted by Thundar on 11.09.06 at 4:08

Im pumped for tonight WOOT!

Posted by Yargo on 11.09.06 at 3:34

Thanks Thundar....I won\'t kill you.....As much.
Posted by scoobs on 11.09.06 at 2:54

I have flying objects all over COD3 single player....You would think they would have patched some bugs before release.
Posted by scoobs on 11.09.06 at 2:53

I am going to kill all of you!!!!!
Posted by scoobs on 11.09.06 at 2:50

Dont worry Scoobs, i would pick youth in a scrap between you and your brother. all his experience probably came from picking on you anyhow, so you know his tricks already!!!
Posted by Thundar on 11.09.06 at 2:49

thanks for asking..........

Guess Nobody likes Scoobs.

Posted by scoobs on 11.09.06 at 1:43

I am good to go!
Posted by scoobs on 11.09.06 at 1:20

I got Gears but i havent unwrapped :)...Its a Mature rating 17+
Posted by slash on 11.09.06 at 0:46

I heard....interesting...should be a full crew tonight...looking forward to a good ol fashion war :)
Posted by slash on 11.09.06 at 0:20

What maybe a prob with COD3 is the lobby. from what we saw last night, you had 15 secs and then the next game started. but it was the first time using it so maybe it just needs figuring out.
Posted by Thundar on 11.09.06 at 0:15

staright through from the cable modem worked
Posted by Thundar on 11.09.06 at 9:41

Picking up Gears of War this morning :)
Posted by slash on 11.09.06 at 9:12

Thundar unable to join? thats a first :)
Posted by slash on 11.09.06 at 9:11

I like the Gears pics Thundar
I think we will have a blast playin COD3 once we get the hang of it
Posted by Morik on 11.09.06 at 8:29

COD3 not bad. sniping is still do-able but harder. 1 layed a bash on yargo and 2 on morik without killing them, and died both times from them shooting me. vehciles seem ok, but a little hard to control. classes are ok, but i have only been german so far.
Posted by Thundar on 11.09.06 at 6:28

Thundar do you have any idea why we cant join?
Posted by Yargo on 11.08.06 at 8:18

Well guys i must say Gears of war two tumbs up!
it may be 3rd person but its pretty sweet graphics good and alot of cover moves ^.^
Posted by Yargo on 11.08.06 at 7:23

well if that was any indication ... 5 attempts to join yargo and 3 at quick match. all no session available! i will try again around 8 and pwr cycle everything first.
Posted by Thundar on 11.08.06 at 5:57

and hahahahha u2 ... fight .... fight !!!
Posted by Thundar on 11.08.06 at 5:34

havent tried it yet and now wont get to til 8 or so. i had to do battle with my old nemisis ... the dreaded pile of leaves!
Posted by Thundar on 11.08.06 at 5:30

what ye think?
Posted by Yargo on 11.08.06 at 4:46

just rented cod3.
Posted by Thundar on 11.08.06 at 4:28

Jeez Slash, I think you would be able to come up with a better put down without having to dive 20 years into the past....
Posted by scoobs on 11.08.06 at 4:24

Slash your 6 years older than me I was 14 you were 20 and drinking protein shakes....I think I should get credit for standing up to your totalitarianistic regime....I wanted to play pool and I told you to get your fat ass upstairs. LOL Now I pay you back every thursday night.
Posted by scoobs on 11.08.06 at 4:08

Well... Lets keep it G rated here or Atleast pg13
Posted by Yargo on 11.08.06 at 3:50

WHATEVA Scoobs!!!!! Only in the game brother only in the game...Remember that time when you brought your buddies home? hehehe
Posted by slash on 11.08.06 at 3:44

Can some one give feed back on Gears of war? Dieing to hear some
Posted by Yargo on 11.08.06 at 3:44

I think anything that is new and different is a good thing...I get bored of playing the same old stuff all the time. I play to have fun! And to give slash a whack behind the head once in a while...I will never get bored of that!
Posted by scoobs on 11.08.06 at 3:37

Well i dunno, i must say the sniping sucks which i can get over. But like the medic starts out with a shotgun... Sure its a challange and all but just the fact that you cant kill anything iness you camp behind a hall wait kill some one after 4 mins in the game THEN grab his gun and start doing damage, i dunno the gameplay is so diffrent i dont like diffrent...
But thats just me
Posted by Yargo on 11.08.06 at 3:13

Have to see what Morik thinks of cod3. does Judder have a computer? I saw him playing cod3 last night. and what does he have against halo ???
Posted by Thundar on 11.08.06 at 3:07

I think so....
Posted by slash on 11.08.06 at -1:19

hahaha, u calling me a whiner punk!! I think i will try and rent it first maybe ... to let you guys decide if cod3 or gears is the better game. r u thing u will grab gears slash?
Posted by Thundar on 11.08.06 at -1:11

COD3 gets an 8.8 rating on gamespot....Nothing really bad to say...It definately is not a one man show like some other shooters...WHich levels the playing field eh Yargo!!!! hehehe Dont worry yargo you are still my first pick if i was making a team.... But having said all of this im not going to promote it...You guys figure it out...I dont want to hear any wining about not playing a game ;)
Posted by slash on 11.08.06 at -1:08

Sounds like maybe Yargo is struggling a bit without the sniping....I think its a change of pace...The graphics are great and the new classes are cool....I didnt played until midnight lastnight so i was pretty tired... Its fairly different from COD2... More realistic maybe? you shouldnt be able to snipe a guy in the foot and kill him....If you are uncertain if you want to spend the money i would hold off until others play it a little more....The Multi player maps are a nice change...Still looking for the beach though :)
Posted by slash on 11.08.06 at -2:47

Sounding like COD3 is a waste of money ... can anyone contradict that?
Posted by Thundar on 11.08.06 at 8:56

Sorry let me rephrase that a 2 SECOND breath ability not two mins any way see yall thursday!
Posted by Yargo on 11.08.06 at 7:28

Yea and the sniping in COD3 is harder which is a challange just the fact you get a two min breathing abilitity you cant shoot worth sh**. And the german side has a HUGE disadvantage due to the lacking of guns. You cant jump over or onto this in this game mayaswelll not even be able to jump becuase its so weaksauce i dunno about cod3 but im looking forward to gears of war i think that will be my game on thursdays if we play it for i dont know how much ill be playing cod
Posted by Yargo on 11.08.06 at 7:23

Allright i had COD3 on release date and all i have to say is im not to Impressed... Campgain is pretty sweet i must admit but the multi seems to be lacking ALOT, the made it more of battle field then the did COD, The diffrent classes are cool but just the fact that you can choose the guns for those classes suck! once agian following Battle field. Over all im not to impressed with the multiplayer, Looking forward to Gears of war today
Posted by Yargo on 11.08.06 at 7:06

Post your reviews...
Posted by Thundar on 11.07.06 at 8:35

Yes it was ... but did not need all the confrimation that the french suck at war. it was entertaining though.
Posted by Dar on 11.07.06 at 3:20

COD3 has been released and is available at EB Games right now....Slash picked up a copy!!!!!!
Posted by scoobs on 11.07.06 at 1:54

Slash just called me, COD3 is not out yet at futureshop in Kelowna.
Posted by scoobs on 11.07.06 at 1:46

COD3 is out today at going now
Posted by slash on 11.07.06 at 1:30

It was a good test for you dont you think ;)
Posted by slash on 11.07.06 at 1:29

it is now set to 5 min... slash and his big post.
Posted by Thundar on 11.07.06 at 1:17

it is for me
Posted by Morik on 11.07.06 at 0:45

I have no auto refresh.....might be the TOR privoxy setup I have running. Don\'t want Thundar logging my IP. :)
Posted by scoobs on 11.07.06 at 0:45

Is the refresh working?
Posted by scoobs on 11.07.06 at 0:43

Scoobs how is the refreshing?
Posted by Dar on 11.07.06 at 0:37

Gears of war playing in coop mode through the whole campaign sounds fun!!!!!
Posted by slash on 11.07.06 at 0:37

I can\'t either but what the hell
Posted by Morik on 11.07.06 at 0:30

I almost downloaded COD3 xbox 360 last nite....Decided not too hack my box.....yet.
Posted by scoobs on 11.07.06 at 0:29

Morik you are truely hardcore my man!!!!! I cant afford 150 bucks right now :)
Posted by slash on 11.07.06 at 0:28

I already have COD3 and Gears on Hold at future shop as soon as they get them in they are in my hands :)It kinda sounded like the guy wrighting the review didn\'t like any of the changes and they sound like they are more realistic to me except the no jumpin part
Posted by Morik on 11.07.06 at 0:16

i like the harder sniping!!!! itll will be an adjustment but definately looking forward to it...Make sure you keep your COD2 because COD3 does not have S&D
Posted by slash on 11.07.06 at 0:08

Gamespot is already rating Gears of War a 9.6!!!!!!!
Posted by slash on 11.07.06 at 0:06

well that review did not sound that good to me! Having to dbl bash someone for a kill and not being able to climb over or jump out sounds like it sucks. the harder sniping is good. what do u all think?
Posted by Thundar on 11.07.06 at -1:35

dont think you will like how that comes out next time Slash. U scared the **** out of me! last night I went DOH over not having called a function to clear any html tags or worse javascript from the chat. I do a test when i get home, refresh, looked at my book for a min ... and then blam, there is this huge block of text!! WTF!!! ohh just slash. there is tons of html in that post, it worked this time, but cant allow it from here on, too dangerous.
Posted by Dar on 11.06.06 at 5:2311.06.06

Posted by dar on 11.06.06 at 5:07

not excactly a glowing review, is it?
Posted by Thundar on 11.06.06 at 4:38

Chat refresh reset to 5 min. Use the browser to refresh on the fly ... if it doesn\'t work in ff, blame slash hahahahaha it pissed me off trying to read his review.
Posted by Thundar on 11.06.06 at 4:31

C4 BIGwooly, Zero Hour participate, and user, reviewed Call of Duty 3. Here is a copy and paste of it, in it\'s entirety and unedited.

The game looks great. The graphics are VERY well done. What you\'ve seen in the trailers is what you get in the game, although MP looked maybe just a bit scaled back (couldn\'t tell for sure).

_____ AUDIO
The sound in the game is phenomenal. I didn\'t even get a chance to play with surround sound and it still made an impression on me. They must have A LOT of channels available.

I played one full mission and part of another mission, and it was FUN. The game has only 14 missions if I remember correctly, so you\'re looking at around 12-20 hours of gameplay depending on your skill.

Multiplayer was also mostly fun. The new game mode called \"War\" is a breath of fresh air, but it comes at the expense of S&D being removed. War is basically like territories from Halo 2, except that both teams are going after the same territory all the time (the \"territory\" moves after a team captures it). I\'m a little surprised that S&D was removed, since it was a great gametype.

HQ is still in, although they\'ve changed it from having ONE life while you\'re defending to having a increasing spawn counter. Once the HQ is set up you have to defend it for 90 seconds. If you die, you respawn back in 10 seconds. I you die again you respawn back in 20 seconds . . and so on. I think I prefer the 1 life method over this, but we didn\'t get to play HQ so I can\'t speak from experience.

There is also single flag CTF now, which plays a little different than you might expect. When a team grabs the flag they have to score it at the OTHER TEAM\'s base. It\'s even harder than it sounds, but still fun.

Aiming. Let me just get aiming out of the way right now. I hate the aiming in CoD3, which is probably the biggest reason I won\'t be playing a lot of MP in it. I suffer through the single player, but not the MP. What\'s wrong with the aiming?

First of all, when you aim down your sights, everything around where you\'re looking goes out of focus and you can only see clearly right down your barrel. I\'m told that it\'s more realistic, since that\'s the same effect you get in life when you aim. The problem I have with it is that in real life I can still glance around quickly with my eyes and not move my gun. It also doesn\'t work properly all the time. I might be trying to sight in on an enemy, but there\'s a tree or pole halfway between the two of us that is right near my line of sight, and it will focus on THAT instead. This gets extremely frustrating. I had major problems trying to sight in on someone while looking through bushes, fences and rubble. In real life, my eyes automatically know what to focus on. In this game, I have to make the game focus on what I need, which totally sucks in my opinion.

The second thing I don\'t like about the aiming is that it feels much more loose, or sloppy. In CoD2 you could snap your aim over on someone and quickly get shots off. In CoD3 I was constantly missing great firing opportunities because I couldn\'t get the freaking gun to stop where I wanted. It would often slide past the target, and making a correction often just made is slide past on the other side. It\'s not a huge deal I guess, but I really prefer the ability to stop my weapon when I want.

I like the fact that you can cook grenades now before you throw them. You can also pick up and throw back enemy grenades in single player (not multiplayer). The grenade indicator is still there, which bugs me because I think it makes it too easy to get away from grenades. But with the ability to cook grenades it makes that less of an issue for me.

The class system (or \"selecting a kit\" as they call it) is nice simply because you can still pick whatever class you want. There is no way to modify a multiplayer game so that teams can only have a certain number of certain classes, and this is probably a huge mistake on Treyarch\'s part, since most of the people who wanted a class system wanted it because they wanted teams to have specific class makeups. Not gonna happen. So for me, I like it, because I like picking whatever I want, but I know the **** is coming . . .

The vehicles weren\'t bad. The tank is fun to use, although I think you should be required to have a driver and a separate player on the main gun. As it is now a single player can drive around in a tank and shoot the main gun. To me it was a bit of an unbalance. A second player CAN jump in the tank, but they control a .50, and a tank with 2 people is pretty much unstoppable. The jeeps felt too light to me when I was driving them, but it\'s not a big deal.

When you grab the flag in a CTF game it\'s now like Halo. You have to carry the flag and you can\'t fire while you\'re holding it. I know it\'s supposed to encourage more teamwork but I don\'t like it. One of the things that actually drew me to CoD2 was the fact that when you grabbed the flag you were still a soldier. In CoD3 I feel like I\'m trying to lead a marching band while under fire. Not a fan of carrying flags. A melee with the flag is an instant kill, which is something the developers seemed very proud of. Drednawt actually got me like that once, but most of CoD3 seems to involve combat that is not close combat, so a flag bearer usually just ends up a running target.

Speaking of melee . . Treyarch must have lost their minds. It now takes 2 melees to kill someone. When I pressured a developer for a reason why, he simply said their testing had shown that games turned into huge melee fests, and that\'s not the style they were going for. What?!?! CoD2 allows you to kill with one melee, and I have yet to see a melee fest. What this means is that for all intensive purposes, the melee is now useless. If you\'re close enough to melee someone, you may as well just shoot them. If you don\'t land that 2nd melee you\'re a dead man.

The maps are well-designed but big. It\'s a double-edged sword for me. One of the other things I really liked about CoD2 was that the maps were so well designed. Treyarch told us that the MP maps for CoD3 were designed from scratch, not ported-and-edited from the single player like in CoD2. That\'s fine, and they did a good job from what I could tell, but the maps are pretty big. That\'s great for 12v12, and some of them maybe for 8v8, but I don\'t think they really put much support in for 4v4. In fact, we were told that only 9 maps release with the game. I\'ve played on 5 of them already, and none of them would work real well for 4v4 I don\'t think. When I pressed for if they had smaller maps for 4v4 I was told that [name of map] was a good map even for 2v2. However, I played that map at another event, and I would not say it would be good for 2v2 OR 4v4. They will have DLC maps, but again, I doubt they are looking to support 4v4.

Lag. Hard to say if they\'ve got the code all worked out for 24 players, but we were assured that CoD2 and CoD3 use completely different MP code. CoD3 uses some variable tier something or other so that the host is not sending stuff to everyone. Anyways, they made it sound like it would work just fine. We\'ll see. I didn\'t experience any like while when we played system link or Xbox Live, but then again, we were all in the same location.

The weapons are quite a bit different. The MP44 is not nearly as powerful, and it was actually kind of frustrating to use. The Kar98 has a completely new iron sight (which I hated but some others loved). The Kar98 also took some criticism for taking 2 or even 3 shots to kill someone. The developers said something about make sure you aren\'t shooting people in the arms or shoulders. If that\'s the case, there might be a huge decline in bolt-action users. The SMG\'s seem more powerful now. The MP40 was actually a nice gun, and the Thompson was still great as well. The M1 seems to fire a little slower, and although I used it A LOT I never really felt comfortable with it. The support class gets a nice HMG (like a .30 cal on Allies) that can be mounted on walls and such. If you are in the open and you hit the aim button you automatically go prone. This can suck because very often when you go prone you lose your line of sight to the target and can\'t hit them. When set up properly, though, a support player can lay down some serious hurt.

My favorite new feature in the game is one I miss sorely when I go back to CoD2. The ability to tuck your weapon and run at sprint speed for a 5-6 seconds. It\'s awesome and very realistic. Running with your pistol out isn\'t any faster than with nearly any other gun (didn\'t test it with like a bazooka or HMG). You can\'t fire while running with your weapon tucked, so it leaves you somewhat vulnerable, but you can stop sprinting whenever you want. You can\'t do the sprint in single player, which really kind of sucks, because it\'s an awesome feature. In single player it just brings up your binoculars (which got me killed over and over until a developer explained to me that I couldn\'t sprint in single player, lol).

People who really enjoyed sniping in CoD2 are probably going to get mad at CoD3. It\'s a lot harder. For one, the sight moves all over the place while you\'re aiming. It\'s really hard to get it lined up at all before you hold your breath. Once you hold your breath, if you didn\'t get lined up right, you\'re going to have a hard (impossible?) time catching a running target. Then, when you fire, you have to unscope to load the next round (which is fine, it\'s realistic). Snipers, found in the \"Scout\" kits, also have the ability to call in artillery strikes. You have a meter that slowly fills (roughly 3 minutes according to the developers) and once it\'s full you can call in the strike. Your meter also goes up faster if you score kills, or return flags or \"rank up\" your player. At some point you can go from have 3 shells land to have up to 15 shells landing. Let me tell you, you\'re on the receiving end of a 15 shell artillery strike, it\'s pretty humbling. It feels like the whole world is blowing up.

Medics are another interesting class. I didn\'t ever use a medic because medics carry a shotgun and I don\'t like having just a shotgun. I was, however, revived by medics on many occasions. If you are revived keep in mind that it\'s not a respawn. If you had 1 round left in your M1 when you went down, then that\'s what you\'ll have when you \"revive\". I got smoked a few times before I realized that.

Some classes have mines, which are kinda fun. Mines explode if ANYONE gets too close (in my experience that was about 3-4 feet, even though the developers told me you pretty much had to be right on the mine). If your teammate lays a mine then it will appear with a little flag on it. You won\'t see enemy mines with flags on them. You can\'t shoot mines to destroy them, which is really stupid in my opinion. Apparently you can drop a grenade on them to blow them up. This is stupid, though, because in CTF I would just lay a mine right on the flag, and if someone got over there and didn\'t have any grenades left, they were pretty much screwed. After expressing my dismay on this, a developer did reveal that you could go over a mine if you were prone. I\'m not sure if that makes things better or worse. It makes no sense, obviously, but that\'s how it plays.

The M1 can shoot RPG\'s on some maps. You get two. They are pretty hard to aim, and I had one encounter where I hit a wall about 3-5 feet behind a player and it didn\'t kill them. That was pretty unrealistic in my opinion. It takes 2 RPG\'s to kill a tank, which is more realistic, but really sucks from a gameplay standpoint. By the time you load your 2nd RPG the tank usually kills you. If not, then you\'ll likely miss with your 2nd RPG anyway, and THEN the tank will kill you.

If you have a spare frag grenade you can jump on an enemy tank and your player will automatically hop up on the turret, open the hatch and drop the grenade in. This will destroy the tank and kill the people inside. However, I was only able to accomplish this once. Most of the time there are enough support infantry around that you just get shot off the back of the tank (that is, if the tank doesn\'t just kill you first). And even if you make it on the tank and aren\'t being fired out, the tank commander can just jump out of the tank and shoot you, and you are stuck doing your little grenade animation and are a sitting duck.

There was quite a bit of discussion about the lobby system. There are no weapons or class modifiers, which is going to piss off a lot of people (not me). There is also no ability to boot a player, not even from a private match (this is completely retarded). The answer we were given was that Microsoft wants the TrueSkill system to work, and doesn\'t want players \"deciding\" who they get to play. This makes sense for ranked play, but not for general matches and CERTAINLY not for private matches. So now, when that 12-year-old jumps in your lobby and he\'s screaming at the top of his lungs, you\'re stuck with him. You can\'t boot him.

During the game if you team kill someone they are given the option to \"punish you\" or \"forgive you\". If you get \"punished\" five times you are automatically booted. One problem with this is that a player could switch to the other team after getting four, and then switch back with a clean slate. The developers apparently hadn\'t thought about this, because they didn\'t know if the player would have a clean slate or not. If you set up the game yourself, and had auto-team-balance set, then the players wouldn\'t be able to switch anyways.

Speaking of auto-team-balance, yeaaaa! This is a smart feature to keep idiots from screwing up the teams all game long. It\'s just what it sounds like. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is the ability to set the teams before the match starts, in case you want to team up with your friends.

There is no knife or bayonet in the game. Apparently this would have given the game a \"mature\" rating instead of a \"teen\" rating. Money talks.

There was talk of having a flamethrower in the next installment (if there is one). In order to keep the \"T\" rating, though, you couldn\'t actually show the victims burning or screaming, so it would kind of take some of the fun out of it.

The Gewehr has been removed from MP (and single player?). This made Drednawt unhappy, and we were told it because they didn\'t have a counterpart class for it to go in on the allies. Um, would that be rifleman class, with the M1? The Axis rifleman class has the MP44. Odd.

Some classes have access to \"sticky grenades\". I tried using these quite a bit and never had any luck with them. If you try to hit a moving vehicle like a motorcycle or a jeep it\'s nearly impossible. Hitting a person is just about as impossible. I could seem them being most useful against tanks, but I\'m not sure how many it takes to blow up a tank. If it\'s just one, then that might be alright, but requiring two would be stupid. And I do believe I already mentioned how hard it is to get close to a tank in the first place.

The look of the game is also quite different. The graphics are great, better than CoD2, but the look is less clear. I\'m sure this is more realistic, and it\'s probably just something to get used to.

Finally, mounting. There is no \"mounting\" in CoD3. In other words, if you walk up to a 3-foot wall you won\'t get an arrow icon prompting you to go over the wall. This wouldn\'t be so bad except you can\'t jump over the wall either. I had the same problem with windows. I find it pretty darn annoying that you can\'t get over simple obstacles and have to walk around them.

Well, that\'s about all I can think of at this point. I\'m sure there\'s more, but I\'ll just have to add to this later as I think of it. Again, if you have any questions, I\'ll try and answer what I can, and I\'m sure Dred can help out too.

Posted by CriticalDamage, Oct 12, 2006 3:02 pm PT 4 Comments
PrintE-mailCommentTagDigg thisI ain\'t puttin\' any more days! Math is hard! I saw this funny thread in the GameSpot Off Topic Discussion about French Military Victories, and I found it to be quite humorous.

EmperorMetalman wrote:
LOL I did a search on Google and this is what I found

- Gallic Wars
Lost. In a war whose ending foreshadows the next 2000 years of French history, France is conquered by of all
things, an Italian. [Or at ths time in history, a Roman -ed.]

- Hundred Years War
Mostly lost, saved at last by female schizophrenic who inadvertently
creates The First Rule of French Warfare; \"France\'s armies are
victorious only when not led by a Frenchman.\" Sainted.

- Italian Wars
Lost. France becomes the first and only country to ever lose two wars when fighting Italians.

- Wars of Religion
France goes 0-5-4 against the Huguenots.

- Thirty Years War
France is technically not a participant, but manages to get invaded anyway. Claims a tie on the basis that eventually the other
participants started ignoring her.

- War of Revolution
Tied. Frenchmen take to wearing red flowerpots as chapeaux.

- The Dutch War

- War of the Augsburg League/King William\'s War/French and Indian War
Lost, but claimed as a tie. Three ties in a row induces deluded
Frogophiles the world over to label the period as the height of French
military power.

- War of the Spanish Succession
Lost. The War also gave the French their first taste of a Marlborough, which they have loved every since.

- American Revolution
In a move that will become quite familiar to future Americans, France
claims a win even though the English colonists saw far more action.
This is later known as \"de Gaulle Syndrome\", and leads to the Second
Rule of French Warfare; \"France only wins when America does most of the

- French Revolution
Won, primarily due the fact that the opponent was also French.

- The Napoleonic Wars
Lost. Temporary victories (remember the First Rule!) due to
leadership of a Corsican, who ended up being no match for a British
footwear designer.

- The Franco-Prussian War
Lost. Germany first plays the role of drunk Frat boy to France\'s ugly girl home alone on a Saturday night.

- World War I
Tied and on the way to losing, France is saved by the United States
[Entering the war late -ed.]. Thousands of French women find out what it\'s like to not only sleep with a winner, but one who doesn\'t call her
\"Fraulein.\" Sadly, widespread use of condoms by American forces
forestalls any improvement in the French bloodline.

- World War II
Lost. Conquered French liberated by the United States and Britain just as they finish learning the Horst Wessel Song.

- War in Indochina
Lost. French forces plead sickness; take to bed with the Dien Bien Flu.

- Algerian Rebellion
Lost. Loss marks the first defeat of a western army by a Non-Turkic
Muslim force since the Crusades, and produces the First Rule of Muslim
Warfare; \"We can always beat the French.\" This rule is identical to the
First Rules of the Italians, Russians, Germans, English, Dutch,
Spanish, Vietnamese and Esquimaux.

- War on Terrorism
France, keeping in mind its recent history, surrenders to Germans and
Muslims just to be safe. Attempts to surrender to Vietnamese ambassador
fail after he takes refuge in a McDonald\'s.

- 2006 World Cup

Lost, but almost became a military matter when French player Zinedine Zidane headbutts Italian player Marco Materazzi, which is the closest form of combat a frenchman in uniform has seen in nearly 60 years.

Posted by slash on 11.06.06 at 4:09

I better fix that quick!!
Posted by Thundar on 11.06.06 at 4:07

Posted by Thundar on 11.06.06 at 4:07

just be glad u were on the other team slash.

Posted by Thundar on 11.06.06 at 4:06

How did you guys like getting spanked by Yargo saturday night in that classic CTF
Posted by slash on 11.06.06 at 1:46

Is this thing working or has the novelty worn off already 8~)
Posted by Thundar on 11.06.06 at -1:11

Good gaming last night!
Posted by Thundar on 11.05.06 at 2:03

Yeeah ... gonna be a gun fight tonight!
Posted by Thundar on 11.04.06 at 6:42

hmm i see mine fine :S well ive finally got my 360 hooked up and stuff with router, alot of help thanks to scoobs Thanks alot ben!!! really appricated lets hope that is what i need to play halo 2 tonight!! cya on guys
Posted by Yargo on 11.04.06 at 6:25

Scroll bars gone for 1024x768
Posted by Dar on 11.04.06 at 5:41

try eliminating the computer and run direct from the modem to the xbox,
Posted by thundar on 11.04.06 at 4:50

Nah you guys dont have to play a game just on my accord and yea i have my 360 pluged into the back of my computer and then computer modem then wall
Posted by Yargo on 11.04.06 at 3:50

u have probably tried, but have u plugged your 360 directly from your modem? if it doesnt work, np. we can play cod2 or graw. we all want everyone to play.
Posted by Thundar on 11.04.06 at 3:46

Well the thing is i have halo 2 and it works but my internet is screwd up becuase of the F****** 360 says i have live problems when i dont! god i hate xbox live so if its h2 tonight i will not be playing... and no i have not got the mic today and sorry taryn i wasnt home at noon i said AROUND noon i was home at 1:30 back now if any one wants to play
Posted by Yargo on 11.04.06 at 3:30

back when we were playing halo on the xbox, i sent out an email with an animated gif of a ghost running over slash ... does any one still have that email??? if so let me know, but it was probably close to 2 years ago...
Posted by Thundar on 11.04.06 at 1:56

Ok well im a gonna be on Halo or COD probably both so cya all later im gonna go play ttyl guys PEACE!
Posted by snipe40 on 11.04.06 at -1:17

Posted by snipe40 on 11.04.06 at -1:15

Morning. Yargo can you rent halo 4 2night? put it on scoobs visa, i know you have the numbers!!
Posted by Thundar on 11.04.06 at -1:14

Heh works for me i think i have the same as you dar 1024x768 any who. you all ready to give some smack downs with me tonight? who ever is cool will go german tonight ^.^
Posted by Yargo on 11.04.06 at 8:37

Stupid scroll bars. they will work in the top frame for anyone at 800x600, but now i will have to fix my sizing so it is not a pain in larger. hahaha and I still have to fix the time stamps too. some other time ... good night.
Posted by Thundar on 11.04.06 at 2:04

I am viewing at 1024x768 and i hope you are too or you will have problems seeing the password box and post it btn. If you are at 800x600 u can tab from the Your Say box, to the password box, type it in, tab and enter. and let me know if u have this problem.
The browser refresh is ok in IE6, to see posts faster, and i can set the refresh to longer if it is a hassle scrolling. Scoobs, how is Firefox?
Posted by Thundar on 11.04.06 at 1:44

Well that took all of about 22 seconds to piss me off. The refresh rate has been reset to one minute. It will force the screen to the top. U got 60 seconds so read fast.
Posted by Thundar on 11.04.06 at 1:15

New look. Also some changes is the way it all works. I hope this works better for both browsers. It is back into frames, one prob with auto refreshing was losing a long typed out entry when the screen refreshes. The chat window will now refresh every 10 sec. If you do not see your post right away, you will. I had to start up an archive already!!! (see link to the right) you folks rock! I am sure the novelty will wear off but that was a lot of posts!!

Issues to resolve:
I still have to fix the strings, beware using quotes and back slashes. \' \"
Users and passwords ... looking into it.

Thanks for playing!
Posted by Thundar on 11.04.06 at 1:09